Chamber Resolution

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce now offers world class Mediation training and Business Dispute Resolution Services.

The service, in partnership with the London School of Mediation, will operate from the Chamber’s offices in Elliot House in Manchester City Centre.

Please note, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce members are eligible for discounted rates on all courses.

Please contact [email protected] for your unique discount code. 

Tips From Top Mediators: How to get the Best Results from Mediation

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with In Place of Strife, The Mediation Chambers, invites you to join a panel discussion with 5 of the UK’s leading mediators which will cover topics such as:

•  Whether – and when best – to mediate
•  How to choose your mediator
•  How to prepare for mediation
•  Opening joint session - a good idea or not?
•  Negotiating tactics
•  Settlement agreements
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Full Mediation Courses - 18th to 22nd September 2017 - FULL

The London School of Mediation presents its full accredited mediation training course in Manchester.
The course is approved for CMC accreditation and National Mediator Database recognition as a Certified Mediator, as well as being approved by the Bar Standards Board and the Law Society.
It is 40 hours long over five days with an examination and an assessment and carries wonderful feedback from the most demanding of delegates, as it has done for more than a decade around the world.
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London School of Mediation has 13 years’ experience and is one of the world’s leading organisations for mediation training.

We are unique in the support we provide for alumni, on the courses and afterwards. We are passionate about mediation and its role in business, for the workplace, in commercial and insurance disputes, medical matters, the community, property, employment and human rights.

We look forward to training both members and non-members with this new partnership.


Mediation Service

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be able to provide a new Business Dispute Resolution Service, providing mediation services to companies and individuals who have unresolved disputes.

Mediation is a quick, cost effective, private option to resolve a dispute that parties can’t seem to settle for themselves, without the need for legal action, courts, tribunals, judges and expensive legal bills.

By using our high quality, trained mediators who are expert in helping parties find a resolution that ends with a win-win solution, both sides gain something from mediation and nobody feels as though they have lost.

It is a proven process that provides for respectful and constructive dialogue between everyone involved. A positive outcome for all parties is our mission.

In the event that a mediation service is purchased online, should you be dissatisfied with the service provided, you may follow the published complaints procedure above, or, if you prefer to make your complaint online, you may do so at the online dispute resolution site where there are full details of how to use that service.